Outcomes: Consumer trust


E.Leclerc's online automotive storefront


E.Leclerc is a French cooperative society and retail superstore with over 720 locations in France and 85 stores outside of the country.


Information on Abbott's Cardiovascular solutions for Healthcare professionals


A metaverse focused website for the pharmaceutical giant

image of about.google website


Blazing a trail: .GOOGLE supplies answers to dot brand questions

How they used their Dot Brand
website for pekoe.ricoh


A showcase of Ricoh's Pekoe hearing impaired communication services.

website for psirt.canon


A dedicated site for reporting vulnerabilities with any Canon products or services.

website for verkaufkonferenz.audi


A secure portal for attendees of an Audi sales conference.

corelaboratory.abbott website


How a dot brand can support a corporate brand strategy

How they used their Dot Brand

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