Sky's the limit with the next generation of domain names. Goodbye dot com. Hello dot brand.

Dot brands. They are memorable. They improve security. They are the future of the internet. And we can help manage the process of securing your own from start to finish. So let’s get started with future-proofing your brand.

Want to replace the dot com part of your website domain with your brand name? That's called a dot brand.

They are memorable. They improve security. They are the future of the internet. For the first time in a decade, dot brand applications are expected to open in 2024/25. We can help manage the process from start to finish. Let us future-proof your brand.







Achieve complete ownership of your brand with a dot brand

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Brand strategy

A dot brand lets you stake your claim on your own corner of the internet

It strengthens, protects, and distinguishes your brand in a crowded competitive digital world. You can adapt it to create campaign-led URLs. No one else will be able to use it. A dot brand is more than a URL. It’s a USP.

Dot brands for brand strategy


A dot brand strengthens customer relationships by streamlining interactions

Having the freedom to create bespoke URLs – such as sale.brand – makes it quicker and easier to connect with customers, who trust the legitimacy of a domain ending in your brand name. Domain names become more readable, memorable and meaningful.

Dot brands for engagement


A dot brand improves security and protects your customers

Whereas cybercriminals can easily register a fake dot com domain, you will have complete control over your dot brand domain. This adds a reassuring extra layer of security for customers, creating a zero-abuse name space.

Dot brands for security
Stake your claim

Stake your claim. Own your brand. And stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Who is claiming their dot brand?

To take the opportunity to secure your own dot brand is to be at the forefront of technology. Your brand name is your unique asset. Protect the future of your brand. Join the next generation of domain names.


dot brands approved in 2012


most dot brands applied for by one company

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