Brand differentiation with .WEBER

wecare.weber website

Industrial mortar and building materials manufacturer, Weber, has fully migrated its digital presence to its .WEBER TLD, helping it to differentiate its brand name, step up its fight against counterfeit activity, and launch a consistent digital platform which emphasises its ‘we care’ approach to customer service.

Use case in brief

Initiatives: Short name structures, local language sites, ‘we care’ brand attribute

Main models of use: Full migration

Key benefits: Brand differentiation, consumer trust, anti-counterfeiting

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Using its dot brand to make a statement

Weber has fully migrated its web presence over to its dot brand. A major part of this was the relaunch of its main website under the domain name WECARE.WEBER, transitioning from E-WEBER.COM. As the company explained in its customer statement at the time: “This move to a simple, easily remembered, and trustworthy top level domain name is a living example of the Weber ‘we care’ signature: a true focus on customer needs and optimising the experiences people can enjoy every time they interact with the Weber brand.”

cz.weber website
es.weber website

Consistent, but localised country and language sites

While WECARE.WEBER is the company’s main global site, Weber also maintains a suite of local sites for the different jurisdictions it does business in. It has chosen to standardise the naming structure of these regional sites by using two character country codes, such as ES.WEBER (for Spain), FR.WEBER (for France), and BG.WEBER (for Bulgaria). Through these short and memorable domain names, Weber is able to provide customised, local language content to its customers, while also maintaining its overall strategy of having all of its web content under .WEBER. This is a strategy we have seen used by other dot brands such as .ABBOTT.

Improved customer experience with a dot brand

Enter ‘Weber’ alone into a search engine and the construction and mortar company is unlikely to be the first result on the list (you’re more likely to see ads for the Weber BBQ first). However, the company’s dot brand gives it a distinct advantage when it comes to differentiating its presence and shoring up its brand reputation online. Thanks to its dot brand, internet users will be able to easily recognise it

As the company makes clear on its official homepage: “We are the sole owner of .WEBER, which means that we can guarantee that the content they see on a .WEBER site really does come from us.”

Or, to put it another way: “From now on, every visitor to any Weber site can trust what they see: “It’s only Weber if it ends in .WEBER”.

id.weber website

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